2-Day Windy City Fun

Chicago is full of some seriously fun entertainment and leisure opportunities throughout its iconic urban setting, and this 2-day trip was made to include as many of those as possible for your students to enjoy! This weekend getaway was designed to show your group nothing but a good time, packed full of the city’s most iconic landmarks and entertainment hotspots. This trip isn’t only fun for the kids either, everybody in your group is going to enjoy themselves as you all explore the lakeside Windy City.

On this trip your group will do it all, from spending an afternoon with the animals at the zoo to spending some serious relaxation time at the beach. You will get to play with Legos, see an evening improv show, and play around at the Navy Pier. Take in the sights from the tallest building in the hemisphere and rock out all evening to the rock-n-roll themed eatery known as Hard Rock Cafe. There are so many opportunities to make fun, unforgettable memories on this trip, so call us today and personalize it your way!

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