Educational Trips

  • 2-Day Windy City Fun

    2-Day Windy City Fun

    Do it all, from spending a morning with animals at the zoo to spending serious relaxation time at the beach.

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  • 2-Day Fact Foray

    2-Day Fact Foray

    A fun two day journey exploring some the finest museums and educational institutions in the world!

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  • 2-Day Quest for Knowledge

    2-Day Quest for Knowledge

    See some of the world’s best educational institutions, museums, and art collections!

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  • 1-Day Information Vacation

    1-Day Information Vacation

    The perfect balance of mature education and unforgettable fun in the Windy City!

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  • 1-Day Education City

    1-Day Education City

    Immerse yourselves into aquatic adventures, sky based shows, and museums full of scientific information!

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  • 2-Day City Sightseeing

    2-Day City Sightseeing

    A 2-day getaway full of the most fun, entertaining, and educational city attractions!

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  • 4-Day Chicago Immersion

    4-Day Chicago Immersion

    We designed this trip will the full Chicago experience in mind to fully immerse your students into the city!

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  • 3-Day Iconic Adventure

    3-Day Iconic Adventure

    See all of the best and most immersive educational facilities and all the most iconic and fun landmarks!

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  • 3-Day Exploration

    3-Day Exploration

    A trip that will allow your students to see the best mix of all the top educational and cultural hotspots!

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  • 4-Day Expedition

    4-Day Expedition

    4 days full of Chicago sights, sounds, and gorgeous iconic skyline awaits your group!

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  • 3-Day Educational Excursion

    3-Day Educational Excursion

    You'll have the opportunity to learn, let loose, and make memories in the Windy City all at the same time!

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  • 3-Day Experience

    3-Day Experience

    Get ready for this 3-day fully immersive, completely entertaining, and ultimately fascinating experience !

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  • 2-Day Tour

    2-Day Tour

    Have fun at the famous Navy Pier, learn about SUE at the Field Museum, or stroll around the iconic bean!

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