Northwestern University

Northwestern University is a highly prestigious national university that was opened in 1851, by nine men, including John Evans, who wanted a learning facility to serve the Northwestern Territory. That small education enterprise has grown into a national establishment of 3 campuses, 12 schools, 21,000 students, 19 intercollegiate teams, and 500 + campus organizations and clubs. The main 240-acre campus is located in Evanston, Il, named after John Evans, with a second 25-acre campus in the Streeterville community of Chicago, and a third in Doha, Qatar. Northwestern is ranked #7 in education, #6 in business, and #12 overall national university in the United States. To get to the gorgeous Evanston campus, located along the shores of Lake Michigan 12 miles North of downtown Chicago your group can drive, take the L train, the CTA bus, or the Metra train.

Once here your group will have the opportunity to participate in a 45 minute information session, which includes an overview of the university, it’s 6 undergraduate schools, student life, the application process, and financial aid assistance. There will also be a question and answer session at the end, followed by the opportunity to take a campus tour to see the most beautiful, popular, and highly traversed paths across campus. The tours start and end in the Segal Visitors Center, a great place to get all the information you need about this campus and school. You can even attend a class, one of the over 100 courses offered a quarter here, before you go. This large research university with a comprehensive doctoral program accepts only 13% of it’s applicants, being one of the most selective schools in the nation. It is also a founding member of the Big Ten, so be sure to stop by the campus apparel store to pick up your Purple Wildcat gear before you go! You can even head to the university food court and sample a classic Northwestern Chicago Dog like the students do!