Tommy Gun’s Garage

Welcome to Tommy Gun’s Garage, Chicago’s longest running audience interactive dinner show that sends you back in time to the fabulously exciting and wonderfully dangerous Roaring Twenties. During the prohibition period brave gangsters like Alphonse Capone and his mafia family opened illegal speakeasies across Chicago, allowing once again alcohol, gambling, and hotbox entertainment to run wild in the city streets. Inside this particular speakeasy you will travel back to the 20’s in style with a 28 Model Ford, roaring music, and tons of 20’s memorabilia. You’ll even have the chance to do the Charleston to some Cole Porter, Fats Waller, or Duke Ellington, all performed by the talented Sinfully Orchestra.

This fun history lesson is, above all, a delicious sit down dinner, and it allows you to join Vito Gloves and his gang for a non-stop comedic thrill ride that is dangerously fun! While you sit down and enjoy the mouthwatering plates and full-bar drinks including such dishes as lasagna, prime rib, salmon, and pork chops, you will get to watch (or participate in) the musical comedy review with flappers and gangsters. Be sure to hide your alcohol/drinks from the coppers when they come in, they may pull you on stage for a sobriety test! Enjoy this unique and exciting history lesson that doubles as the most exciting comedy show in the city, a true blast from the past that will make your Chicago experience go off with a bang!