1-Day Information Vacation

1-Day Information Vacation Trip Chicago

Day 1 You’ll See:16

Even older students love field trips, and they will especially love this trip with the perfect balance of mature education and unforgettable fun in the Windy City! This 1-day information vacation allows your students to learn about the universe, visit a prominent local university, and appreciate some of the world’s finest art, all in one day! You will all get the chance to learn some horticulture and admire lush landscape at the Chicago Botanic Gardens and you will also eat lunch back in the 1920’s, as you take in a truly entertaining history lesson at lunch with Tommy Gun’s Garage crew. Take in all the famous city sights, eat some fine Chicago food, and learn all day long with this spectacularly fun and educational 1-day trip to Chicago!



Chicago Botanic Garden

Adler Planetarium - Start your information vacation off right, here at the extremely fun and extremely immersive Adler Planetarium, America’s very first planetarium! Here your group will enjoy exploring their study of astronomy and astrophysics, world-renowned collection of exhibits, interactive programs, and immersive sky shows. Search for life beyond earth, explore the universe, and study our solar system in this must-see for all ages!

  • Cafe Galileo’s- This cafe is the perfect spot to grab some breakfast or brain food while visiting the planetarium, full of local, fresh, and delicious brunch and lunch options!
  • Skywatch Live- One of many of the offered shows here within the 3 different full sized theaters, this one focusing on what the sky looks like now, at night, in winter, and during a storm!

Museum of Science and Industry - Welcome to the Museum of Science and Industry, one of the largest science museums in the world that is home to over 35,000 artifacts and 400,000 square feet of hands-on exhibits designed to spark scientific inquiry and creativity. See world-class presentations, lectures, and special exhibits daily here!

  • Omnimax Theater - Enjoy any of the several presentations within this 5-story, domed omnimax theater including titles such as Journey to Space and Robot Revolution.
  • Shop Earth - Get all the best books, informational gifts, toys, and souvenirs here at the onsite Shop Earth gift shop.

Columbia College - Get ready to see the largest and most diverse arts and media school in the Midwest, a school ‘for creatives, by creatives’. Here you will find a campus of about 9500 within the eclectic community in Chicago Arts and Education Corridor that prides itself in it’s Fine and Performing Arts, Literature and Sciences, and Business and Entertainment divisions of learning.

  • Campus Tour - Take a tour of the campus with a dynamic urban backdrop, active student community, and small, hands-on class sizes!
  • Campus Store - End your Columbia College visit by buying some apparel and souvenirs at the school spirit store or head over to the campus cafe for some refreshments!

Tommy Gun’s Garage - Tommy Gun’s Garage is Chicago’s longest running audience

Vintage Style Cocktail Party

interactive dinner show that takes your group back to the Roaring 20’s, teaching them a lesson about the prohibition era while also entertaining and feeding them! Catch up with Alphonse Capone and his mafia family as they discuss illegal speakeasies, alcohol, gambling, and hotbox entertainment, all while eating a delicious sit-down dinner!

  • Audience Interaction - Be prepared to take part in this show, whether it’s dancing and singing the Charleston to Cole Porter or being pulled on stage for a sobriety test by the coppers!
  • Food - The actual food here is outstanding, the staff serving up some delicious entrees including lasagna, prime rib, pork chops, and grilled salmon!

Art Institute of Chicago - Have your very own Ferris Bueller moment here at the Art Institute of Chicago, one of the country’s largest and most renowned art museums. Explore the 11 different departments of art that contain over 300,000 permanent exhibits, 30 special exhibits, and hundreds of gallery talks, lectures, and performances. Be sure to check out the modern rare masterpieces such as Dali, Picasso, and Matisse before leaving!

  • Gallery Tour - Each individual gallery or institute tour is led by professionals and allows you to see particular themes of art, galleries, or lectures.
  • Research Library - Save some time to explore one of the finest research libraries for art and architecture in the entire country!

Chicago Botanic Garden - End your day at the beautiful Chicago Botanic Garden, one of the world’s great living museums and conservation science centers that contains 26 gardens and 9 natural areas, all situated on a sprawling 385 acres. Explore the over 2.4 million plants here and enjoy the rare and astoundingly gorgeous themed gardens throughout.

  • Garden View Cafe - Stop for a very fresh bite to eat at the cafe with the best view of the surrounding flora, the Garden View Cafe!
  • Garden Shop - Before you go buy all the tools, books, soil, and pots you could need to start your very own herb, vegetable, or exotic flower garden!