Chicago History Museum

Created in 1856, the Chicago History Museum is located literally in Lincoln Park near the Old Town Triangle, figuratively on the crossroads of America’s past and future. This museum cares for, showcases, and interprets millions of authentic pieces of Chicago and United States history. The Chicago History Museum partnered with it’s sister society, the Chicago Historical Society, illuminate the past, shed’s light on the present, and informs guest on the future of the city and nation as a whole.  Some of the most visited and respected exhibits within the museum include the Secret Lives of Objects, Access for All, Railroaders, and Great Chicago Fire of 1871.

While your group is here you should stop by the Sensing Komen Family Children’s Gallery, a great and fun place to take part in immersive and hands on activities. Here you can ride a high wheel bicycle, hear the hectic sounds of the Great Fire, or smell the scents of iconic Chicago hot dogs. You can also choose to take a guided exhibition tour, led by engaging volunteers who give you a comprehensive gallery overview and various exhibit highlights. The museum offers several walking tours around the surrounding neighborhoods as well, ranging from Old Town Triangle to Gold Coast Union. Before you go head over to North and Clark cafe for lunch or the Museum Store for great Chicago themed books, DVDs, or toys.