Field Museum of Natural History

Created originally in 1893 as an offset of a Colombian Exposition, the Field Museum is now one of the world’s greatest natural history museums, holding 4.6 billion years of history under one roof. Backed by a world renowned scientific staff, this museum has inspired curiosity about life on earth for over a century now, allowing it’s some 2 million annual guests to travel around the world and back in time all at once. Explore the over 20 million specimen, from the earliest fossils in the past to the latest current cultures from around the world. Enjoy the immersive programming, conservation topics, biodiversity exhibits, gems, meteorites, fossils, and anthropological collections.

Before you go grab a bite to eat at the Field Bistro, featuring locally owned foods, or the Explorers Cafe, a more family friendly eatery. There is even a fully loaded and fun gift shop on site! You should also be sure to go visit SUE the T Rex, the largest, best preserved, and most complete T Rex you'll find! At 42 feet long and 13 feet tall, this world famous fossil is the perfect spot for a memorable photo. Check out those 58 dagger-like teeth!