Grant Park

Grant Park is a gorgeous green space of 319 acres that is tenderly known by locals as ‘Chicago’s Front Yard.’ This patch of land was set aside as early as 1836 as a public ground ‘to be clear and free of structures’ and serves still today to separate community construction from beautiful lakefront, featuring Chicago typical storied architecture and that perfect skyline view. This park is located within the Central Business District in the Loop community and includes such prominent landmarks as Millennium Park, Buckingham fountain, the Art Institution and Museum Campus. It’s namesake came from Civil War hero and US President Ulysses S Grant and was actually one of Chicago’s very first public parks, here today largely due to land reclamation after the great Chicago Fire.

This city center piece and site of 3 world class museums features softball and baseball diamonds, tennis courts, miles of biking paths, public art pieces, and some of the city’s largest food and music festivals and event space. There are performance venues, such as the Petrillo Shell, gardens, art work, sporting opportunities, harbor facilities, and public gathering spaces. Lollapalooza is hosted here annually and in the winter the Skating Ribbon’s rolling landscape and unique track draws quite the crowd. The Buckingham Fountain, or Clarence Buckingham Memorial Fountain was created in 1927, a monumental focal point created to protect the lakefront views in a rococo wedding cake style. It puts on displays every 20 minutes and has a large light and water display every night at 9pm.