International Museum of Surgical Science

The International Museum of Surgical Science was created in 1954 in a Historic Landmark Building near downtown Chicago. The historic mansion used was built in 1917, an elegant structure designed after a French Chateau in Versailles built for Marie Antoinette in the 1770s. The gorgeous Italian marble, cut stone, decorative plaster work, and metal features allow this historically significant information center to double as a great event venue and gathering space! The museum brings international aspects of surgical science, history, and art to increasing audiences from around the world. It contains exhibits from around the world that trace the fascinating story of surgery’s development through the ages. One of the very first exhibits that is still highly popular today is the Hall of Immortals, comprised of 12 large stone statues of great figures in the field of medicine and allied sciences.

The museum holds works of a challenging and innovative nature relating to anatomy, death, disease, wellness, disability, and other medical issues. Your group will see historical themes, surgical disciplines, and nation based exhibits from the Netherlands, France, Spain, and Mexico. You will have the option to take part in self-guided tours, docent-led tours, field trip tours, and various programs, lectures, meetings, or dinners taking place here at the time. This museum is an elegant setting that is perfect for receptions or business dinners, providing interesting exhibits to look at as well as breathtaking views of the Michigan River and downtown Chicago. Be sure to check out the gift shop that doubles as an authentic ‘doctor store’ before leaving this intimate yet stimulating structure!