Lincoln Park Zoo

Lincoln Park Zoo is the wildest spot in Chicago, a 365-day a year free attraction that has attracted millions of guests annually since it’s opening. The Lincoln Park Zoo is dedicated to connecting people with nature and advancing the highest quality of animal care,  education, science, and conservation, which it does quite well and has since its opening. This park is a family oriented experience in the heart of chicago that makes it a sort of ‘world of wildlife in a shadow of skyscrapers’, a zoo within a verdant park just north of Chicago. This highly valued local zoo has been offering this natural and free oasis for families, students, and tourists alike for generations now.

While inside the zoo your group can hear a lion's roar echo off nearby buildings, see a gorilla climb his tree with a towering city backdrop, or just immerse yourselves into a tropical rainforest, dry thorn forest, or savannah! While this zoo is known for it’s great family fun opportunities, it also has various adult adventures, events, and festivals every now and then, like the Beer and Bear night in the summer. Head over to the many restaurant choices, such as the Patio at Cafe Brauer for great panoramic views of the city and restored ecosystem or go shop for those perfect souvenirs at the WIld Things shop. Your group can ride the Lionel iconic model train through the forests and bridges of the park or take a spin on the AT&T endangered species carousel. Before you go be sure to check out any new baby births, such as the baby red panda cubs and current baby sloth! (PS, bring a camera!)

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