Rainforest Cafe

Welcome to the Rainforest Cafe, the rainforest-themed chain in Chicago that provides a ‘wild place to shop and eat’. Escape to a tropical paradise here with delicious American fares and cocktails amid eye-catching jungle flora and fun animatronic fauna. The Rainforest Cafe chain across the nation is not only dedicated to providing guests a great meal and dining experience, but also to teach guests about the rainforest, rainforest conservation, and the threat to many endangered species within the jungles today.

While here your group will have the tough choice of choosing which delicious items, tropical treats, exotic salads, and tasty entrees such as seafood, steak, chicken, and juicy burgers they want to eat. Try a TRex steak or eat a sparkling volcano for dessert, all while taking in the jungle scenery and learning interesting facts about the rainforest and its inhabitants. Younger children will love the Wild Bunch kids interactive educational zone, and everyone else will get a kick out of the Rainforest shop full of cafe apparel, gifts, books, and toys. This space can also be used for birthday parties, special events, and group tours as well!