Six Flags Great America

Welcome to Six Flags Great America, the sprawling theme park located in the Chicago Metropolitan area, technically Gurnee, that features over 100 attractions and is one of the premier family-fun destinations in the city! Created in 1976, this theme park sees about 2.5 million annual visitors and features award-winning thrill rides and entertainment series. Inside you will see over 15 coasters, 7 water rides, 9 themed stations, 2 children's areas, and a 20 acre full water park. You’ll find everything you need for a great day inside, from pulse-pounding coasters to gentle tot rides, American fare-filled bistros to family pizzerias.

Once inside your group must make the difficult decision of starting out in the theme park or heading over to Hurricane Harbor to cool off. At the latter you can ride the highly popular Bahama Mama and Bubba Tubba, set sail on the lazy Castaway Creek, or head over to the 5-story slide known as theDive Bomber. In the main theme park you will see the world’s tallest, steepest, and fastest wooden roller coaster, the Goliath! You will also have the chance to ride the park's personal tallest, fastest, and longest ride, the Raging Bull, or take a spin on the loop filled Superman. If you are looking for more of a thrill than all that, be sure to make a stop at the Daredevil Drop, a 12.5 story free fall rip cord drop.

After you’ve taken in all the rides get ready for some quality entertainment, from the current annual festivals such as Frightfest to nightly concerts, group events, and park festivals. Head over to the famous Famiglia Pizza shop for much needed dinner, or maybe check out the Italian, American, Ice Cream, or Snack stands throughout the park. They will pretty much meet any dietary need, offering eateries from Angelo’s Pasta and Pizza to Water in the Hole’s salad bar. If you are looking to bring a younger group of students you can even plan to come on an assigned educational day (physics, math, marketing, tech, grad night) and make this thrilling and memorable trip even better with added educational lessons relating to real life, energy, and roller coasters.