1-Day Education City

1-Day Education City Chicago

Day 1 You’ll See:1


This trip was designed to be exactly what a field trip is supposed to be;  a quick, fun, 1-day excursion into a city’s most educational sights and spots. Your younger students will love this field trip in particular, allowing them to immerse themselves into aquatic adventures, sky based shows, and museums full of scientific information and natural history, all in one day!

The range of fun information on this trip will keep your group pleasantly entertained and they will walk away full of knowledge and memories they will talk about for months. On this trip you will all have the chance to eat in the Rainforest (cafe) and learn everything you can about Trex’, insects, electricity, trains, sharks, and even mars! Get ready for an extremely fun educational experience in the Windy City!



adler planetarium_StarRider_Theater

Shedd Aquarium - Start your day out at Shedd Aquarium, the diverse, global animal collection that is surrounded by eye-popping architecture located in the heart of Museum Campus. Here you will see and learn about a collection of aquatic animals from around the world. Explore the 32,000 animals, award-winning exhibits, and in-depth hands on activities throughout this impressive and award-winning aquarium!

  • Polar Play Zone - This is the perfect spot for younger kids to learn and play even further, complete with sliding penguins, sub arctic waters, whales, dolphins, and otters!
  • Rice Amphitheater - Catch the latest immersive and educational  family-friendly show here at the 4D theater, currently playing a water misting, bubble blowing, leg tickling show of Spongebob and his gang!

Adler Planetarium - Next stop, America’s very first planetarium, an educational must-see for all ages. Here your group will see a study of astronomy and astrophysics and enjoy fun immersive sky shows within the 3 full-sized dome theaters. Enjoy daily programs, exhibits, special lectures, and telescope use daily here!

  • Skywatch Live - A show that is interesting for all ages, Skywatch Live shows you what our skies look like now, at night, and during winter storms! Also take advantage of other shows such as Undiscovered Worlds, Destination Solar System, and Big Bird’s Adventure.

Rainforest Cafe - Escape to a tropical paradise for lunch at Rainforest Cafe, the only place you can get delicious American fares amid eye-catching jungle flora and fun animatronic fauna. This chain is not only dedicated to providing guests a great meal and dining experience, but also to teach about the rainforest, rainforest conservation, and the threat to many endangered species within the jungle today!

  • Wild Bunch Kids Zone - This interactive educational zone will teach your group about the ins and outs of rainforest life.
  • Rainforest Shop - This fun gift shop is full of cafe apparel, entertaining gifts, educational books, and fun toys all related to the rainforest.

Field Museum - Field Museum is the only place in the city where your group can explore over 4.6 billion years of history under one roof, a magnificent place that has been inspiring curiosity about life on earth for more than a century, opened in 1893. Get ready to travel around the world and back in time all at once as you explore the over 20 million specimen, exhibits, and artifacts!

  • Underground Adventure - Shrink down to 1/100th of your normal size and get a bug's-eye view of the world as you explore this immersive environment of worm tunnels and soil chambers.
  • SUE - SUE the TRex is the largest, best preserved, most complete T Rex at 42 feet long and 13 feet tall. Get a close up view of her 58 sharp teeth or take an iconic photo here at this world famous fossil!

Museum of Science and Industry -  End your day at one of the largest science MSI_ air craftmuseums in the world, the home to over 35,000 artifacts and 400,000 square feet of hands-on exhibits designed to spark scientific inquiry and creativity, the Museum of Science and Industry!

  • Omnimax Theater - This 5-story, domed Omnimax shows some of the most immersive scientific adventures on screen, including such films as Journey to Space and Mountain Climbers Extreme.
  • Brain Food Court - Grab a snack or some dinner before heading home, this is the perfect place for some much needed brain food with an excellent variety sure to please even the pickiest of eaters in your group!

If your group is under 3rd grade consider instead the Children’s Museum - Located at the Navy Pier, the Children’s Museum is the perfect spot to see many of Chicago’s top cultural attractions while also creating, exploring, and discovering through play! Enjoy 3 vibrant floors of exhibits and activities that provide sensory experience and engaging educational content as well!

  • WaterWays - See an integrated system of pulleys, pumps, and pipes creating water wonders that will inspire and teach your group.
  • Dinosaur Expedition - Dig for bones in an authentic excavation pit and learn about anything you may happen to unearth, from authentic dinosaur bones to insect fossils and everything in between.