2-Day Fact Foray

2-Day Fact Foray Trip Chicago

Day 1 You’ll See:Grades K-7

Day 2 You’ll See:

Get ready for an extremely fun yet educational 2 days in the Windy City, perfectly planned and prepared for your group by our Chicago Field Trips specialist! On this two day journey your group will visit some of the finest museums and educational institutions in the world, while seeing all the most iconic and informational Chicago landmarks along the way.

On this trip you will get to learn about undiscovered planets at Adler, killer sharks at Shedd, and T Rex remnants at Field. Enjoy the opportunity to eat lunch in a rainforest and explore the iconic butterfly garden at the Nature Museum. The Chicago History Museum will teach your group about the city itself, and the Art Institute will allow your group to admire fine works for Dali and Picasso! This trip is extremely educational, in both information and culture, and allows your students to have fun and enjoy an unforgettable vacation at the same time. What are you waiting for, call us to personalize this trip today!



shedd_jelly fish

Adler Planetarium - Welcome to Adler Planetarium, America’s very first planetarium! Here your group will start their trip with a study of astronomy and astrophysics, enjoying the most technologically advanced daily programs, exhibits, special lectures, and immersive sky shows. There’s even a telescope for guest use, allowing your group to study the sky on their own as well!

  • Cafe Galileo’s - Grab some brain food in the form of breakfast or brunch to start your morning right, here at Cafe Galileo’s.
  • Skywatch Live - Enjoy any of the completely immersive sky shows, including Skywatch Live, Cosmic Wonder, Destination Solar System, Undiscovered Worlds, and a kid-friendly Big Bird's Adventure.

Shedd Aquarium- Next stop, Shedd Aquarium, the perfect place to let your students explore the amazing and expansive aquatic world! Tour the over 32,000 animals, award-winning exhibits, and in-depth hands-on activities within the Aquarium and see why this place in Grant Park has won awards in excellence and innovation!

  • Polar Play Zone - This spot is the perfect learning zone for younger children, full of sliding penguins, dolphins, whales, and sub-arctic waters.
  • Rice Amphitheater - Catch up with Spongebob and the gang at this immersive 4D theater that will bring you into the action with water misters, bubble blowers, and leg ticklers!

Rainforest Cafe - Eat lunch in a tropical paradise for lunch at the Rainforest Cafe, the only place in Chicago that you can get delicious American fares amid eye-catching jungle flora and fun animatronic fauna. This chain is dedicated to teaching guests about the rainforest, rainforest conservation, and the threat to many endangered species within the jungle today while providing a great dining experience

  • Wild Bunch Kids Zone - This interactive learning area for kids allows them to play around while learning the ins and outs of rainforest life.
  • Rainforest Shop - Pick up all your essential gifts and souvenirs in the Rainforest Shop, as well as educational books and toys for the kids!

Field Museum - The Field Museum will take your group around the world and back in Sue_by_Field_Museumtime all at once as you explore over 4.6 billion years of history under one roof. This museum is one of the world's greatest natural history museums and provides guests with the earliest fossils and cultural artifacts possible.

  • Underground Adventure - Explore the immersive environment of worm tunnels and soil chambers as you shrink down to 1/100th of your size and get a bug's-eye view of their world.
  • SUE - SUE the T Rex Is the largest, best preserved, most complete T Rex at 42 feet long and 13 feet tall. Get an iconic photo with this world famous fossil or get a close up view of her 58 sharp teeth.

Museum of Science and Industry - End your day at one of the largest science museums in the world, home to over 35,000 artifacts and 400,000 square feet of hands-on exhibits designed to spark scientific inquiry and creativity. This museum provides many educational opportunities that are truly fun and make science come alive for children and adults of all ages.

  • Omnimax Theater - See any of the latest and greatest scientific flicks or documentaries in this 5-story, domed omnimax theater.
  • Brain Food Court - Grab some dinner or a snack here at the impressive Brain Food Court, a variety of cuisine offerings sure to please even the pickiest of eaters in your group.



Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum - Start your day at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, also called the Chicago Academy of Science, the museum full of educational  hands-on habitats and outdoor art. This is one of the most significant museum collections in the entire nation and provides the city with a valued place where nature and science come alive.

  • Judy Istock Butterfly Haven - This iconic collection is known worldwide for it’s diversity and excellence, as well as its information and lessons throughout.
  • Nature Trails - Take advantage of this opportunity to exercise and immerse yourselves further into the nature experience with the many outdoor trails. 

Art Institute of Chicago - Welcome to the place in Chicago that allows you to experience art and creativity to it’s fullest, the Art Institute of Chicago. Here your group can explore over 300,000 permanent works, including both ancient treasures from across the globe and modern masterpieces from Dali, Picasso, and Matisse.

  • Tour - Take a professionally guided tour based on any of the special topics, galleries, or collections within the museum.


IMAX and Lunch at Navy Pier - Head over to the iconic Navy Pier to catch an A.Alexander_NavyPier-Entranceeducational show at the famed IMAX. Here you will see any special showings, documentaries, or even blockbusters in a 3D presentation on a giant screen. While here you should also take advantage of the many eateries throughout the pier, from quick and cheap McDonalds to Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

  • Children’s Museum - If your group has younger children you should stop by the Children’s Museum, 3 floors of exhibits and activities that provide sensory experiences and engaging educational content. 

Chicago History Museum -  End your educational journey through the Windy City at the Chicago History Museum. This Museum cares for, showcases, and interprets millions of authentic pieces of Chicago and United States history that help illuminate the past, shed light on the present, and provide information for the future.

  • Tours - While here your group will be presented with the option of taking any of the many walking tours around the neighborhoods, including Old Town, Gold Coast, and Cemeteries.
  • Dining - Before you go you may want to grab a bite to eat at North and Clark Cafe, full of warm, delicious, and fresh foods for your group.