Blue Man Group

Prepare yourselves for astounding music and a truly captivating stage show at the beautiful Briar Street Theater with the Blue Man Group! Experience the mystery, humor, euphoria, and explosive celebration of art, technology, and music that is the Blue Man Group as you lose yourself in the incredible, colorful, and vibrant in more ways than one performances. These shows are an exciting combination of science and laughter, unavoidably catching the attention of everybody in your group, as well as over 25 million viewers worldwide. The combination of music, lights, and paint create a form of entertainment that defies categorization and appeals to people of all ages.

This innovative and energetic performance is unique in Chicago because of the Briar Street Theater. This intimate and beautifully designed space has been a long-time home for the Blue Man Group. However, this theater was created in 1901 for use as horse stables originally, coming a long way since then, picking up stray acts of note such as Mickey Rooney and Veronica Hamel. Before or after this wildly entertaining show your group can stop by Jacks on Halsted, an American bistro style eatery with the perfect distance and price from the theater!