Federal Reserve Center

The Federal Reserve Center, or Money Museum, of Chicago is one of the 12 regional reserve banks across the nation that comprise the Central Bank of the United States. This center participates in the formulation of monetary policy, provides financial services to depository institution and United States government, and monitors economic conditions in its district. Basically, this center is a bank for banks, where banks take their money when they have too much of it, and where new money gets distributed to banks.

Tours of the Federal Reserve Center last about half an hour and are comprised of presentations about the functions and responsibilities of the Chicago Federal, as well as give detailed information about their historical currency collection. Guests will see a short video about the operations here, as well as get the chance to participate in a question and answer session. Children can participate in money scavenger hunts and others can view the exhibits, such as a cube of million dollar bills the size of a Laz E Boy recliner, or a money pit elevator with over 50,000 of coins sitting in it. This is a fun and educational stop that your group is going to love, and hey, it may be the closest you'll ever get to a million bucks!