Bubba Gump Shrimp Co

‘Grilled shrimp, fried shrimp, shrimp gumbo. . .’ Forrest Gump and Lt. Dan got it right here at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co, a staple seafood chain located on the Navy Pier. This small chain of seafood restaurants is committed to providing a casual environment where everyone can enjoy a great meal and have fun too! This company was opened in 1996 in California and has grown into a major eatery chain manifesting the cinematic aspirations of the hit movie, Forrest Gump. At Bubba Gump, food is the hero, the employees are proud to serve it, and the eaters always tend to return for more. This family friendly restaurant in Chicago is serviced in a fishing boat with the themed setting.

Once you are here you will have to choose what type of shrimp you want, the most popular items on the menu probably being the coconut shrimp with various dipping sauces or grilled southern style shrimp. Besides all that delicious shrimp, however, there are also many other great menu items, such as the award-winning Dixie style baby back ribs and spicy lobster salad. The drink menu is quite impressive also, with Lt. Dan’s pomegranate punch and the famous hand shaken margaritas (available in virgin as well). Inside you will get the feel of a southern style shrimp shack, complete with metal pails on the table and chipped and faded wall paint. There is manufactured character everywhere you look, you’ll even hear the Forrest Gump soundtrack music blaring in the souvenir shop, in which a small portion of every sale goes to Sea Turtle preservation. So what are you waiting for, you better start runnin' and runnin' and runnin' till you can't run no more to get to Bubba Gump's!