Chicago Neighborhood Tours

What better way to fully immerse yourself into the sights and sounds of the diverse city of Chicago than with a comprehensive Chicago Neighborhood Tour? These typically 4 ½ hour tours take guests by bus and foot through a portion of the city's 77 distinct communities, introducing them to the different cultures represented within each, from Ukrainian and Italian to Chinese and Puerto Rican. These tours celebrate the history, stories, traditions, and people of Chicago, each specific tour (there are 20 in all) taking your group to about 12 different districts. The tours are filled with stationed guides and greeters throughout the city, explaining personally the landmarks, murals, museums, and shopping districts. The best part about these guides is that they are all locals, giving you the best tips on secret dives and unknown to tourist places. Here are a few detailed and age appropriate tours to choose from.

The City that Trains Built is perfect for younger children, putting important city history on rails and providing a fun way to look at terminals, trains, and tourism. The People’s Republic of Oak Park tour is in an active arts community, full of galleries, shops, and restaurants in the heart of a fun and diverse neighborhood. Epicurious Chicago is an ethnic food-filled tour that paints on a vivid cultural tapestry for your more mature students. Andersonville Adventure is a more popular tour that will take students to the most diverse places in the city, a mosaic of history and architecture from Buckingham Fountain to the Water Tower.