Shoreline Sightseeing Water Tour

The Shoreline Sightseeing Water Tour is a fun aquatic adventure that explores the rich history, famous architecture, and iconic skyline of Chicago. This company was created in 1939, with only one vessel exploring Michigan Lake.  In 1996 the water taxi company moved to the bustling city of Chicago and eventually grew into what it is today: a 10 touring vessel, 9 water taxi, 75 + years of experience company thrilling and informing hundreds of guests weekly. Choose between the Star of Chicago, the Evening Star, the Bright Star, or many other vessels as you take one of several different tours offered by the company. Departure points include Willis Tower, Nave Pier, Shedd Aquarium, and North Michigan.

You will have many different route options once you get here, one of the most popular being the Lake Route. This tour will take your group around the most popular learning centers and museums in Chicago, including Shedd Aquarium and Field Museum. The River Route will take you to the major hubs of activity throughout the city, such as Willis Tower and Navy Pier. A growing fan favorite currently is the Architecture Tour, which allows your group to view over 40 iconic Chicago buildings, plus the best views of that gorgeous Chicago skyline.