You’ve probably seen the signs by now all over town for the city’s ‘best stuffed pizza’, but this next stop is the real deal, Chicago’s originator of deep dish Chicago style stuffed pizza! Here at Giordano’s their famous stuffed pizza has evolved over 200 years of generational recipes, but the eatery was started after two brothers of Mama Giordano moved to Chicago and started a business. Mama Giordana was famous in her small northern italian town near Torina for her double crusted, cheese stuffed creation, what she called Italian Easter Pie. The rest is history, as her sons took this tradition and legend to the big city in 1974.

At Giordano’s your group will get to experience what hundreds of critics have called the city’s “best” stuffed pizza. Delicious starters, fresh salads, spectacular pastas, and unique sandwiches, all with real, fresh Italian flavor, will tantalize your group's taste buds from start to finish. The famous stuffed pizzas are 40% bigger than any competitor's deep dish, and take 45 minutes to bake to perfection. Some of the most popular styles are the Chicken and Sausage Deluxe, Artichoke and Feta, and also other food items such as Mama’s Meatball Sub and Fried Calamari. This iconic and dominant Midwest brand is been officially named ‘Chicago’s Best Pizza’ by NBC, CBS Chicago, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Eater, Chicago Magazine, and Home and Garden!