Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe is known across the nation for providing some of the best, most funky, and most lively dining options that practically double as entertainment, giving a great basis for the ‘dinner and a show’ approach. Here at Hard Rock Chicago your group will get the opportunity to explore the rock-n-roll themed chain complete with a high energy atmosphere and some of the most delicious Americana fares. In Chicago the Hard Rock is located in the heart of the extremely lively River North neighborhood, in a popular dining and nightlife district. This cafe was constructed in 1986, giving this location just around 30 years of rocking food and music history!

While inside the Hard Rock your group will experience one of the most unique dining experiences in the city. You will see the funky styles, great food, and excellent music history in every direction you look here. Enjoy the world-class menu, featuring the famous Legendary Burgers and Rockerita! Besides the outstanding cuisine and cocktails in any Hard Rock, this particular cafe will give you a dash of Chicago flavor in every bite! This is the absolute best place for food if you love rock, music history, or just plain ol’ good food!