Holocaust Museum

Welcome to the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center, the state-of-the-art holocaust survivor educational facility in Illinois, technically in the town of Skokie. Here you will find an impressive preservation of the legacy of the Holocaust through the museums honoring the memories of those lost and by the teaching of universal lessons that combat hatred, prejudice, and indifferences. Here your group will see many different exhibitions, presentations, and international collections that pair with many daily educational programs and tours to teach the Chicago community and tourists alike about the infamous Holocaust past and how to prevent something like that in the future.

Once here your group can tour the 65,000 square foot museum that was built in 2009, a dream and structure over 30 years in the making through very hard work and dedication of local survivors. This museum does very nicely to honor the memory of the millions murdered and also of saluting the courage and resilience of those survivors, as you will see once here. You will hear the personal stories personified and see why such strong passion and surviving communities have made Illinois the first state to legally require Holocaust education in schools. Stop by the gift shop on your way out to pick up all the essential informational books and trinkets pertaining to the Holocaust and it’s strong history in this community.