2-Day City Sampler

Not everybody has all the time they would like to to see all that the Windy City has to offer, which is why we have created a small, easy, and extremely fun taste of Chicago for your group that we like to call the 2-Day City Sampler. On this weekend getaway your group will be able to explore the most fun, entertaining, and educational city hotspots while taking in that iconic city skyline and urban hustle and bustle these lakeside inhabitants are used to!
Explore the somber Holocaust Museum, learn about science and technology in one of the largest science museums to date, and see what happens to the bank's money when it has too much! You will also get the chance to tour the home of the Cubs, see the energetic Blue Man Group, and explore the landmarks of Millennium Park! This is the perfect quick tour for any groups interested in seeing the sights, tasting the flavors, and learning a little bit along the way about the iconic Midwest city of Chicago.

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