National Museum of Mexican Art

Start your Chicago sightseeing adventure out at the National Museum of Mexican Art, the premier Mexican fine arts center located in the Chicago Pilsen neighborhood, the heart of the Chicago Mexican community. This 48,000 square foot establishment was opened in 1987 and contains over 3,000 years of creativity, from both sides of the border. This museum connects guests to the diversity of Mexican culture, as it allows them to immerse themselves into the richness of Mexican art and culture all at once. This museum also has an impressive arts education program, which has helped tens of thousands of children connect to this culture since it’s inception.

Inside your group will get the chance to explore the 7,500 piece permanent collection, each piece within upholding the highest museum standards. This collection travels every now and then, as it is a highly valued and unique collection of art. Take a tour with curators who are experts in Mexican art, their passion being contagious during the tours as they explain the personal art placement in each gallery and tell the stories bilingually for all guests. Check out exhibits such as Nuestras Historias, Deportable Aliens, De Vuelto, and La Muerta Niña, before you go, as well as the Tienda Tzintzuntzan gift shop! Translating to Place of Hummingbirds, this eclectic store hosts a variety of unique gifts, textiles, books, jewelry, and toys!