Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum

 What was once the cornerstone scientific establishment in  the region, the actual first museum in the west, known as the Chicago Academy of Sciences, is now currently known as the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum. While still a cornerstone scientific establishment, the Peggy Notebaert Museum is predominately known for it’s education of nature now, as a place where nature aficionados and amateur scientist can study and share specimens collected. The original academy of sciences was opened in 1857 and by 1870 it was one of the most significant museum collections in the entire nation. In 1999 Peggy Notebaert saw a new chance for the once so highly respected academy to be built upon, adding to the legacy of scientific research and citizen science that was already there.

While visiting, your group will see up close and personal one of the city’s most attended institutions, a place where nature and science come alive. Explore the many different hands-on exhibits such as Alaska From Above, Peanuts-Naturally (Snoopy and the gang explained), City Creatures in Urban Wilderness, and the highly popular and iconic Judy Istock Butterfly Haven. This museum has more hands-on scientific instruction than any other institution in Chicago and truly excels in all aspects of the museum experience. Before you go be sure to check out the many outdoor nature trails to fully put yourself into the Peggy Notebaert experience, and head over to the museum store and cafe for some nature themed treats and eats!