Whole Foods Chicago

What started as a small ‘health’ food store in Austin Texas in 1980 has grown into the largest American health grocery store chain today in 2015. Here on LaSalle Street in Chicago you will find not a famed grocery store, but the Midwest Regional Office and Headquarters. Here you will learn not only about Whole Foods’ commitment to food excellence, but about their business, conservation practices, and charity work. Get a closer look at the world’s leader in natural foods as you learn about this eco-minded chain with natural groceries, houseware, and usually locally sourced spirits (wine typically).

While on this campus your group will get a tour, in which you will be told about Whole Foods strict quality standards (natural and organic is the motto) as well as their personal and serious commitment to sustainable agriculture. Learn the difference between true organic foods and the popular buzzword that is thrown around today and also learn about how exciting and fun grocery shopping at Whole Foods can be! The tour will take you through the 36,000 square foot office, packed with highly-branded internal architecture by Gensler. Before you go you will also have a special healthy and filling boxed lunch provided by the company! Once you’re finished here you’ll see why there are 431 stores operating successfully throughout the United States and United Kingdom.