4-Day Chicago Immersion

4-Day Chicago Immersion Trip

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Get ready for one exciting, thrill-packed, educational, and super fun 4-day trip through the Windy City. We designed this trip will the full Chicago experience in mind, created to fully immerse your students into the city experience, from popular local eateries to world renowned schools and museums. On this trip your group will have the chance to stop at all the most popular Chicago landmarks, iconic entertainment hotspots, and award-winning educational institutions. This is the perfect trip that gives a winning balance of fun and education, making both you and your group as happy as possible.

On this trip you will have the opportunity to ride the Ferris Wheel at the Navy Pier, visit all the inhabitants of Museum Campus, shop the iconic Magnificent Mile, and eat the best Chicago style pizza at Giordano’s. See the behind the scenes operations of the CBOE, Whole Foods, and the University of Chicago, watch a live jousting tournament, and see one of the oldest species of tree in the world in an indoor conservatory. The memories made on this trip will not be forgotten and there will be endless options for diverse fun that will be sure to please every member of your group every step of the way!




Adler Planetarium - Start your fully-immersive Chicago experience off at America’s first planetarium, the highly popular and extraordinarily educational Adler Planetarium. Here your group will see the cosmic wonders of the universe through spectacular daily sky shows, exhibits covering the study of astronomy and astrophysics, and daily telescope viewing for guests!

  • Cafe Galileo's - Fuel up on some brain food at Cafe Galileo’s, an in-house eatery that will provide your group with tons of delicious lunch options, from soups and sandwiches to salads and pasta!
  • Skywatch - Adler is known for it’s awe-inspiring sky shows, and your group is in for a treat as they will get the opportunity to watch the latest planetarium hit, Skywatch Live!


Shedd Aquarium - Next stop, the Shedd Aquarium, the stately marble building jetting up in Museum Campus of Chicago that contains over 32,000 different animals, award winning exhibits, and a myriad of in-depth hands-on activities that will entertain and educate your group all at once.

  • Rice Amphitheater - Get ready to enjoy all the latest and greatest in underwater adventure as you experience Shedd Aquarium’s state-of-the-art 4D amphitheater!
  • Caribbean Reef -  This is the quickest way to get a comprehensive 360 degree tour of a reef community, a 90,000 gallon tank full of green sea turtles, shark, moray eels, and stingray!


Millennium Park - At Millennium Park your group will have a blast exploring all of the art-574035_1280state -of-the-art collections of architecture, landscape design, and outdoor art! This urban park serves as the highly popular backdrop for hundreds of free cultural events annually, ranging from free classical or popular concerts, to exhibitions and tours, to family activities and al fresco fitness events.

  • Jay Pritzker Pavilion - This famous bandshell will grab your group's attention immediately with it’s stunning modern architecture cutting the park landscape sharply!
  • The Bean - Officially known as Cloud Gate, the aptly-named Bean is the perfect place to see the city skyline from a different perspective, it’s famous mirror-like surface being a true Chicago landmark.


Navy Pier - End your day letting loose and having tons of fun at the #1 leisure destination in the midwest, the Navy Pier. Here your group can take in some of the hottest Windy City attractions, eat some of the best and most fresh Chicago fares, or just appreciate the natural beauty of the lakeside and the urban beauty of the iconic city skyline.

  • Navy Pier Park - Spend your evening racing remote-controlled boats, playing rounds of mini-golf, swinging on the Wave Swinger, or taking in the spectacular views from the top of that famous Navy Pier Ferris Wheel!
  • Crystal Gardens - Take it easy and enjoy the little things here at the 6-story, indoor, all-glass enclosed botanical garden that offers your group scenic views of live palms, tropical foliage, and a slew of leaping fountains throughout.





Garfield Park Conservatory - Welcome to one of the nation’s premiere conservatories, as well as one of the world’s largest conservatories! Here at Garfield Park conservatory you will get the chance to explore the 3.5 acre indoor glass wonder full of thousands of plant species and many diverse world- class exhibits, you will even see Dale Chihuly's famous Garden of Glass while here!

  • Gift Shop - Find everything you could need here, from exclusive arts, gifts, and books to potted plants grown right here in the conservatory. You can even snack on some soup or sandwiches while here!
  • Fern Room - Inside the Fern Room your group will step back in time to prehistoric Chicago and even see one of the world’s oldest plant species, the Cycad.


Whole Foods Regional Office - Whole Foods is America’s healthiest grocery store, a famed leader in all that is organic and natural. Here at the Midwest Regional Office you will learn about this company’s strict quality standards, commitment to sustainable agriculture, and fun and exciting approach to grocery shopping!

  • Boxed Lunch - Get a taste of the best and most healthy local foods as your group will have the chance to eat lunch from the company themselves.

360 Chicago - Get ready to take in the city from a never-before-seen view for your group, from the top of the 96 floor former John Hancock Observatory, currently known as 360 Chicago. From 1000 feet up you will be able to catch the best views of Lake Michigan, the downtown city skyline, and the Magnificent Mile below!

  • Tilt - If you’re afraid of heights, don’t look down, as your group can hop in and face downward and outward at a 30 degree angle toward the Magnificent Mile below, providing serious thrills and unbeatable views.
  • 94th Floor Cafe - Grab a bite to eat at the 94th Floor Cafe, or Architect’s Corner Cafe, the best spot around here to eat delicious food while taking in seriously breath-taking views.


Magnificent Mile - You saw it from above, get ready for it on the ground level, as you and your group explore the 13-block, full mile stretch of some of the absolute best shopping and dining in the Midwest region. Here on the Magnificent Mile your group will get the ultimate Chicago experience, being one of the greatest avenues of the world that is at the corner of all that makes Chicago an international destination.

  • Shopping - From Coach and Burberry to Macy’s and the Hershey’s store, there is going to be something for everybody in your group to shop for and look at here!
  • Dining - The Magnificent Mile is a unique melting pot of global flavors, a place where you can get a greasy hamburger or fresh escargot all on the same block!


Historic Water Tower - The Historic Water Tower is one of Chicago’s most resilient CC_HistoricWaterTowerand admired landmarks, a stunning stone structure amidst the glass and concrete jungle downtown. This resplendent venue showcases the work of local photographers and artists within the tower that used to house the municipal water system for the city.


  • Visitor Center - Within the on-site Visitor Center your group can find some of the most comprehensive city history, landmark information, and information on the current art exhibit, presently being the popular Athens and Oraibi exhibit.


Willis Tower - Here is another opportunity to see the city from the sky, this time from the tallest building in the entire Western Hemisphere. The Skydeck 103rd floor holds a glass viewing platform, amazing gift shop, and some of the most unforgettable views, vistas, and Chicago experiences found in the Windy City. There are also several museum-quality exhibits throughout highlighting the tower and city of Chicago in general to take advantage of here!

  • The Ledge - Inspired by hundreds of forehead prints on Skydeck, this glassbox sits 4.3 feet out of the building, 1,353 feet up in the air. Feel like you're floating as you view the city beneath your feet!


Hard Rock Cafe - Funky music, fun service, and fantastic food is what you’ll get at your next stop, the Hard Rock Cafe. This rock-n-roll themed chain comes complete with a high energy atmosphere and some of the most delicious American fares. Enjoy the unique dining, music history, and all around great food here!

  • Rock Shop - The Rock Shop is the perfect place to get exclusive Hard Rock Cafe merchandise and iconic Chicago apparel!




Chicago Board Options Exchange - Start your third day off at the Chicago Board Options Exchange, or the more often times called CBOE. This establishment is the largest U.S options exchange and creator of listed options and was created in 1973, as the first marketplace for options. Here you will get the economics of options trading demystified and engage in its rich history!

  • Trading Floor Tour - Meant for the general public, this tour allows guests to take a 30 minute journey through the fast-paced environment of the trading floor.


Federal Reserve - Welcome to the ‘Money Museum’, one of 12 regional reserve banks across the nation that participates in the formulation of monetary policy and provides financial service to depository institutions. Basically, welcome to the Central Federal Reserve, the place where banks go when they have too much money!

  • Scavenger Hunt -  Fun for kids and teenagers alike, this money themed scavenger hunt provides money smart tips, facts, and important info for your financial future!
  • Tour - Take a 30 minute tour that provides presentations about this centers functions and responsibilities, gives detailed info about the currency collection, and allows you to get as close to a million bucks as you may ever get at one time!


Giordano's - Eat dinner at the most authentic Chicago pizza eatery around, Giordano’s, the originator of deep dish Chicago style stuffed pizza. Experience what hundreds of critics, including NBC, CBS Chicago, the Chicago Tribune, and Home and Garden, have all called ‘Chicago’s Best Pizza’ as you sample such popular styles as Chicken and Sausage or Artichoke and Feta!

  • History - Read up on all the interesting family history that started this business while visiting, including the story of Mama Giordano and her famous Italian Easter Pie with double crusted, cheese stuffed goodness!


Wrigley Field - Sitting just north of Lakeview your group will find your next entertainingCC_WrigleyField stop, the Wrigley Field. This sporting venue is home of the cubs and plays host to major league baseball for the 101st season this year! Here your group can stroll through the home of the cubs and get a chance to see what happens behind the scenes or during an actual game!

  • Career Tour - There are many different tour options at Wrigley, ranging from science related to future career planning. On this tour you will see the ins and outs of baseball playing, managing, and financing.
  • Cubs Game -  Depending on your visit time we will schedule your very own major league baseball game viewing, just get ready to watch some serious baseball!


Lincoln Zoo - The Lincoln Zoo is the wildest spot in Chicago, the spot where millions of annual visitors come to experience a free, family-oriented wildlife experience in the heart of the urban Windy City. Here they provide the highest quality of animal care, education, and conservation and allow you to take a peek at some of the most exotic and interesting animals of this region and beyond.

  • Wild Things - Wild Things is a jam-packed full of fun gift shop that provides the best Chicago souvenirs and Lincoln Zoo toys and trinkets.
  • Lionel Train - This iconic model train seats 28 guests and takes them through the forests, canyons, and bridges of the zoo for transportation of self-guided tour purposes.


Medieval Times Dinner - Prepare for the thrill of a rousing live jousting tournament as your group enjoys the battle of between six knights for the title of King's Champion, in an epic battle, show of horsemanship, and falconry. Not only will you enjoy ringside seats, but you will also enjoy a 4-course meal fit for royalty the whole time!

  • Educational Matinees - Opt in for an early day summer or educational matinee for a more historically accurate and information-packed session, with all the same thrill and fun!



Chicago University

University of Chicago - The University of Chicago is one of the world’s premier academic and research institutions and provides transformative education, groundbreaking research, and a personal commitment to enrich society. Their beautiful campus is located in Hyde Park and was founded by John D Rockefeller in 1890!

  • Campus Tour - Tour this gorgeous 217-acre campus designated botanic garden and dotted with award-winning modern architecture as well as eye-popping English Gothic architecture.
  • Food Court- Eat in one of the campus Cafes for breakfast or brunch to get the full UChicago experience.


Museum of Science and Industry - Get ready for an extremely fun scientific adventure as your group explores one of the largest science museums i the world, home to over 35,000 artifacts and over 400,000 feet of hands-on exhibits designed to spark scientific inquiry and creativity.

  • Brain Food Court - Fuel up on brain food and snacks, this food court offering something for everybody in your group, assuring nobody will walk away hungry or dissatisfied.
  • U505 Store -  Pick up all your essential Museum gifts, books, and toys at this store dedicated to the only German U Boat remaining here, the U505 Submarine.


Rainforest Cafe - End your fun 4-day Chicago trip with an exciting lunch at Red eye frogthe Rainforest Cafe, the rainforest-themed chain that provides delicious American fare, tropical treats, and even the chance to eat a volcano for dessert amid jungle flora and animatronic fauna!

  • Educational Programs - Explore the many different options for educational programs, lunch field trips, and tours that explain common endangered species, rainforest conservation, and basic rainforest information.
  • Rainforest Shop - This is the perfect place to find Rainforest Cafe apparel, rainforest themed books and toys, and that perfect jungle themed gift!